Business Card Printing

We offer a very flexible, cost-effective service, printing business cards of every size and colour, to best suit your particular needs.

Here are just some of the choices we offer you:


The standard size for business cards is 55 x 85 mm. This is the same size as a credit card - so your card will fit comfortably into any wallet. But if you want a card that is taller, shorter, broader or narrower then that's OK by us - just tell us the size you want. For example: if you want to put a lot of information on a card, you might want to consider a card that is double the size, but folds in two to give a standard size finish.


We usually print on a 300 or a 350gsm card. Card finishes available include:

Single/double sided

Cards can be printed on the reverse if you require.

Colour/black printing

Your artwork or ours

Either send us your artwork - preferably in Portable Document Format (PDF) - or get us to design something for you.


We have no minimum quantity - have as many or as few as you want.

Help or advice?

If you need any help or advice in making your choices then please call in, or phone or email us, for free and friendly advice.

Price guide

The following is for standard size cards, where finished artwork has been supplied by the customer. It covers colour/black only printing, both single and double sided. Please note that VAT will be added at the current rate. If what you want is not covered by this guide please contact us for a free quote.

Full Colour Black only
Quantity Single Sided Double Sided Single Sided Double Sided
On 350 gsmboard
(85 x 55mm)

Price does not include VAT
250 £35 £59 £22 £39
500 £55 £84 £30 £52
750 £77 £105 £42 £65
1000 £95 £125 £55 £77
1250 £110 £145 £63 £88
1500 £123 £163 £70 £99
1750 £135 £180 £77 £110
2000 £147 £197 £85 £120
Run on per 100 £4.60 £6.60 £2.30 £4.10